NextGenerationEU, the recovery plan of the European Union, with an investment of around 880 billion euros, an economic recovery project dedicated to member states..

The plan aims to promote an important European economic recovery under the banner of ecological transition, digitalisation, competitiveness, formation and social, territorial and gender inclusion.

Italy benefits from these funds for a total amount of about 190 billion euros, also enriched with complementary investments - and implements the plan through the - National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The Plan is divided into sixteen Components, grouped into six Missions:

  1. Digitalisation, innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism;
  2. Green revolution and ecological transition;
  3. Infrastructure for sustainable mobility;
  4. Education and research;
  5. Inclusion and cohesion;
  6. Health.

INRiM seizes the opportunities offered by the PNRR and, also in synergy with Universities and other Research Centres, public or private entities, offers its contribution to the national recovery, strengthening the research and promoting the dissemination of innovative models for fundamental and applied scientific research.