Metrological services

As a National Metrology Institute, INRIM provides a wide range of calibration and measurement services in the different areas of metrology, ensuring traceability to SI (International System of Units), according to the ILAC-P10 criteria "ILAC Policy on the Traceability of Measurement Results", with over 400 Capacity of Calibration and Measurement (CMCs) that support more of 300 calibration services of standards used in the fields mechanics, thermodynamics, time and frequency, electricity, photometry, acoustics and chemistry

INRiM is a signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) promoted by the Comité International des Poids et Measures (CIPM), concerning the mutual recognition of the national measurement standards, and the calibration and measurement certificates issued by the National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) of the countries that signed the agreement. The INRiM CMCs included in the CIPM MRA agreement are published on the database KCDB of the BIPM ( Calibration and measurement certificates issued by INRIM, within the mutually recognized CMCs, are marked with the CIPM MRA logo on the first page and the MRA note.

In order to improve resource management, ensure a more organized service, and offer customers calibrations according to international standards at lower cost, INRiM periodically organizes calibration campaigns to maintain a competitive and high-quality service.

For technical information on specific calibration and measurement services and for requests for quotations, it is possible to write directly to the contact person indicated in the catalog.


INRiM performs tests on electrical equipment such as switches and electrical panels, bar systems, insulators, disconnectors and fuses, contactors, measuring transformers, and similar devices.

INRIM is also recognised as a testing laboratory from the Association for the Certification of Electrical Appliances (ACAE, member of LOVAG - Low Voltage Agreement Group), issuing LOVAG ACAE test reports for permeformed tests.

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Interlaboratory Comparisons (ILCs) are widely used tools to test the proficiency of a calibration laboratory either accredited or not yet accredited in the relevant measurement field. They are an important element for monitoring the quality of a calibration result according to to the ISO / IEC 17025, and an effective tool to assess the technical competence of a participant laboratory often finalised to obtain a formal accreditation of its calibration services.

INRiM, as a National Metrology Institute, is recognized by ACCREDIA-DT as proficiency testing provider (ILC) for the metrology areas where carried out its activity. INRiM organize periodical interlaboratory comparison based on the customer requests on the fields of acoustic, termometry, mass and related quantities, electricity and magnetism.

ILC includes an initial calibration of a travelling standard by a Reference laboratory having CMCs appropriate to the comparison (such as INRiM) and the circulation of the standard among the participating calibration laboratories. The calibration results of the Reference laboratory and the participating laboratories are compared by means of statistical methods, such as those listed in Annex B of ISO / IEC 17043 (e.g., normalised error En).

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