Quantum electronics
Foto settore elettronica quantistica QN2

The metrology of electromagnetic quantities in the SI, after the 2019 revision, is intrinsically linked to the fundamental constants elementary charge (e) and Planck constant (h), a link exploitable with the quantum effects in solid-state electronic devices.

The INRIM quantum electronics sector is active in implementing the quantum standards of voltage and resistance, both in the DC and AC regime, with the Josephson and quantum Hall effects, and realises the SI base and derived electromagnetic units from these standards.

The sector performs research on the materials, the integrated quantum electronic devices and the primary measurement system suitable for their measurement up to an ultimate degree of accuracy. It maintains the National Standards of electromagnetic quantities and disseminates the units nationally with a comprehensive calibration facility.

INRIM quantum electronics sector represents Italy within European and international bodies and scientific organisations related to electromagnetic metrology. It has a robust scientific publication outcome and is active in the outreach of the electromagnetic metrology culture to universities, research centres, and the general public.