Physical thermodynamics
Settore Termodinamica Fisica -AE04

The Physical Thermodynamics sector contributes to the realisation of the redefined kelvin and is active in developing primary standards based on innovative acoustic, optical, microwave and radiometry methods.

The International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) is maintained by the realisation of thermometric fixed points and disseminated through contact thermometry techniques between 4 K and 1235 K and radiometry techniques up to 2000 °C.

Primary humidity standards are developed to disseminate the frost- and dew-point temperature scale between -100 °C e 95 °C over a wide pressure range. Relative humidity and air temperature standards are also developed.

Measurement methods are developed for the thermophysical properties of gaseous and liquid fluids and solid materials with a relevant scientific interest.

The grown-up proficiency in the fields of temperature metrology and hygrometry is spent, in the framework of national and international research projects, for the solution of scientific and technological problems over a wide spectrum of applications, with emphasis on environmental and societal challenges, including energy saving.

Metrological expertise and resources are available to users through the provision of calibration services, partnerships, and consultancies on specific topics.


Roberto Gavioso