Metrology for Biosafety
metrologia sicurezza biosafety

The research activity in Metrology for Biosafety has the main objective of developing analytical methods for the identification and characterization of microorganisms, antimicrobial agents, and their interaction in complex matrices using standard and innovative microbiological techniques (e.g. Raman, dielectrophoresis, microfluidics and SERS).

The activities are conducted within a class 2 Microbiological Laboratory, which allows the growth and manipulation of microorganisms of diagnostic and food interest.

The main objectives of this activity are aimed at

i) studying the susceptibility of microorganisms to antibiotics and biocides in the context of antibiotic resistance;

ii) identification and quantification of microorganisms in food matrices;

iii) evaluation of the antibacterial properties of nano-materials and/or natural products for industrial applications;

iv) development of innovative measurement systems based on spectroscopic and microfluidic techniques (e.g. Raman-DEP cell) for the identification and quantification of bacteria and viruses in suspension (ViraDep project), also studying their interaction with antiviral and antibacterial agents.