Biosafety Class II Laboratory
Laboratorio biosicurezza biosafety

The Class II Biosafety Laboratory allows the cultivation, manipulation and analysis of different types of diagnostic and food-interest microorganisms, including, for example, E. coli, S. aureus, and P. aeuroginosa, through the use of standard and innovative microbiological analysis methodologies.

The main services and activities are aimed at

i) Creation of Raman libraries of bacterial microorganisms;

ii) Analysis of bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics or biocides;

iii) Analysis of the antibacterial properties of substances, nanoparticles or nanosystems and surfaces using standard microbiological tests;

iv) Quantification of the antimicrobial properties of non-porous or plastic surfaces through ISO 22196: 2011;

v) Sterility analysis also of nanomaterials;

vi) Bacterial coltures.