Devices for the electrical system
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The laboratory develops and applies systems for the study and the characterisation of voltage and current sensors for measuring energy, power and power quality in modern electrical energy distribution grids.  

It is equipped with systems for generating and measuring distorted voltage waveforms up to 30 kV with harmonic content up to 20 kHz, which allows the study of sensors in actual conditions, such as those occurring in the presence of a distributed generation. The measurement method is based on the comparison with a reference resistive-capacitive divider or a two-step procedure involving two HV capacitors and a digital current comparator.

The alternating current generation capabilities range from the milliampere up to 10 kA. Distorted waveforms are obtained by superimposing to the fundamental tone currents up to 100 A in the frequency range up to 100 kHz.


Domenico Giordano
Gabriella Crotti