Master in Quantum Communication and Computing

The Master is aimed at new graduates or at Junior profiles interested in deepening their skills in the Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing, a sector characterized by heavy investments by Industries. 

Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing are two closely related technologies with high potential for future growth.

  • Quantum Computing represents a new computing paradigm for solving complex problems in engineering and science, such as for example the simulation of new materials and chemical compounds. The Quantum Computing sector is booming, therefore it's extremely probable that within a few years there will be a strong increase in the demand for personnel capable of working in this technological field.
  • Quantum Communication is the application of single photon and entanglement technologies to telecommunications. Today we have a technology such as Quantum Key Distribution which allows you to exchange cryptographic keys with greater security. In the future, the use of entangled sources will also allow for more sophisticated communications. The attention towards quantum communication is linked to the advent of quantum computers and their algorithmic capabilities, which make them potentially capable of breaking the security of standard cryptographic solutions.

The Master intends to guarantee the basic applied knowledge also in quantum communication, on the one hand to insert companies in this business context to seize the opportunities related to the market, on the other to guarantee the enrolled students a good mastery of the techniques underlying these technological developments.
The course is designed to train new professional figures who will presumably be in demand in the next 5-10 years. The employment environment is of a high-level technical type in terms of specialization, with the possibility of recruitment all over the world. The profile is designed to maximize the employment in the most technologically advanced industries.