INRiM for industries and society
immagine evocativa di trasferimento tecnologico

INRiM research is both pure and applied. Often it arises from the interest, creativity, curiosity of our scientists, without an immediate practical purpose. Other times it has from the outset the purpose of solving a concrete problem, sometimes taking its cue from the results of pure research.


In INRiM about two hundred people, including researchers, technologists and technicians, together with research fellows and doctoral students, develop research and laboratory activities aimed at socio-economic well-being.

18 high-tech laboratories operate at INRiM, in many cases divided into sub-laboratories, and 5 large research infrastructures.

The last few years have been characterized by considerable attention to the acquisition of the latest generation tools and this process is still ongoing.


The results of scientific activities, as well as the skills and knowledge developed at our Institute, can be made available to businesses and society, with the aim of continuous growth and improvement.

With this in mind, we have chosen to operate according to the criteria of Open Science and Open Data.

However, when the innovative result of a research has the characteristics of innovation and uniqueness, it is protected with a patent, which allows its exploitation, even economically, in collaboration with entrepreneurial realities.

From this point of view, our priority is to develop the potential of INRiM research products and the extensive know-how that made them possible, so that they are useful to Italian and foreign companies. Our portfolio covers wide areas of science and technology related to measurement in a broad sense.