The patent is one of the tools we use to return the products of scientific research to society. At the same time, it is a means that protects both the inventor and those who want to use the invention on an entrepreneurial level.

INRiM adheres to Knowledge Share, a joint project involving Politecnico di Torino, Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) at MISE (Ministry for Economic Development) and Netval. Here all the information on each single patent is published: Knowledge Share INRiM.

Home therapy for patients with chronic neuropathic pain or disorders of consciousness, it allows for remote management of the patient. Rif. INRiM_015.

Self-assembled networks of nanowires that allow the creation of a "hardware" architecture for neuromorphic computation.  Ref. INRiM_014

ROTOENCODER, an encoder capable of measuring absolute angles with very high resolution and great accuracy. Ref. INRiM_001

Technique based on the information obtained from the propagation of illuminating light for the generation of 3D images of the object. Rif. INRiM_016


Reference Materials KIT allows the calibration of road luminance coefficient measuring devices, portable and of laboratory. Ref. INRiM_013

Compact and economical laser with better stability and frequency tuning than standard models on the market. Ref. INRiM 010

3D printed Reference Materials for street lighting, with values ​​equal to those required by road regulations. Ref. INRiM_012


Conductance measurement techniques of ultrasonic transducers, using a periodic electrical signal and submersible load cell. Ref. INRiM_002

Nanoconstruct and ultrasound activation set-up able to treat tumor cell and induce them to death with no need of chemotherapeutic drugs. Ref. INRiM_009

Optical Pressure Sensor «counts» the photons scattered by the molecules of the gas, thus measuring the density of the gas. Ref. INRiM_005

Optical Pressure Sensor

Method developed to enable the real-time monitoring of arc flash events occurring in railway and metropolitan systems. Rif. INRiM_011


Screen for transcranial magnetic equipment; reduces exposure to magnetic fields by up to three orders of magnitude. Ref. INRiM_004


Sample for the calibration of length measurements at the nanoscale, for AFM tips or for measurement of grains using X-ray techniques. Ref. INRiM_006