Atom-ion group
Ultracold ions Barium Sias

Crystals of trapped ions and ultracold degenerate quantum gases have changed the way we study and explore quantum physics. Our work focuses on investigating quantum properties of these systems, individually or in combination, in a novel experimental setup where Barium ions and Lithium atoms can be mixed to make them interact. 

Our goal is to advance trapped ions and ultracold atoms technology to improve ion clocks performance, quantum simulation and quantum sensing. Additionally, atom-ion interactions in the ultracold regime realize a pristine platform for investigating out-of-equilibrium dynamics of quantum systems with localized impurities. 

Our INRiM laboratory is based in Sesto Fiorentino, at LENS, the European Laboratory for Nonlinear spectroscopy. Our research is generously funded by an ERC starting grant, SIR and FARE grants from the Italian Research Ministry, and by Euramet through EMPIR projects.