Color centers in diamond
Centri colore in diamante

Color centers in diamond are quantum systems with a great applicability in many interdisciplinary fields. One important example is the Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) center, whose properties have allowed the demonstration of its capabilities as reliable single-photon emitter and quantum sensor.

In our labs, we study the properties of color centers at room temperature and in cryogenic conditions, contributing to the quest for the ideal single-photon source (SPS) of practical interest in the emerging quantum technologies.

We are actively involved in the efforts for the standardization of these quantum objects and we exploit the nonclassical properties of SPSs to perform quantum enhanced measurements.

In recent years, our research scope has broadened to include the sensing of magnetic field and temperature in biological systems and we are investigating the possibility of sensing magnetic field of biological origin and temperature changes related to physiological process inside the cell.