Thermophysical properties of fluids

The laboratory is active in the development of advanced instrumentation for the determination of the thermodynamic properties of fluids having a relevant scientific or application interest, such as refrigerants , fuels, lubricants, solvents. The measurement capabilities cover extended ranges of temperature (between −173 °C and 120 °C) and pressure (up to 400 MPa). The laboratory facilities include pycnometers and vibrating tube densimeters for measuring the density of fluids with uncertainty below 0.1%. Ultrasonic apparatus are used to measure speed of sound with typical uncertanties of 0.05%. Differential temperature scanning calorimeters (DSC) and a modulated adiabatic calorimeter (mAC) for the characterization of reference materials are available with uncertainties respectively below 2% and 0.5%.


Simona Lago