Food Metrology
metrologia alimentare

Food Contact Materials or Objects:

- Development of methods for the detection of IAS (Intentionally Added Substances) and NIAS (Non Intentionally Added Substances) in raw materials and finished products;

- Studies of ageing/deterioration of food products as a function of food packaging;

- Development of model systems and reference materials for active food packaging and quantification of their antioxidant and antimicrobial properties;

- Migration studies from packaging to food simulants and food matrices.

Food contaminants:

- Development and validation of analytical methods (including multiclass) for detecting contaminants in food matrices.

Contaminants of interest:


- Mycotoxins;

- Micro and nanoplastics;

- Melamine in food and feed;

- Chemical elements in food and feed;

- Rare lands;

- Speciation of chemical elements.

Metabolomics and food traceability:

- Analysis of feed contamination, including residues of animal origin in cattle feed, insect meal in compound feed;

- Metabolomics studies on food matrices to combat fraud and counterfeiting (detection of non-compliant products and practices, traceability studies);

- Development of innovative in situ analytical methods for verifying and controlling agronomic processes.