High DC and AC voltage and HV impedance laboratory
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INRIM develops and maintains the standard systems for high continuous (DC) and alternating (AC) voltage, DC and AC high voltage ratio, capacitance and loss factor, and electrical charge quantities and ensures the dissemination by carrying out calibration of sources, sensors and measurement systems for accredited laboratories, HV apparatus manufacturers and industrial laboratories.

The calibration services with CMC shown in the BIPM KCDB and validated by participating in international EURAMET comparisons include the calibration of:

  • HV DC measurement systems and dividers up to 100 kV;
  • HV AC sources and measurement systems (rms value) up to 100 kV;
  • HV gas capacitors up to 100 kV (rms);
  • measurement of ratio and phase errors of voltage transformers up to 100 kV (rms) and of non-conventional voltage transformers and sensors up to 50 kV (rms);
  • voltage transformer test set;
  • partial discharge calibrators with an apparent charge from 1 pC to 50 nC.


Giorgio Varetto