Acoustics and ultrasounds
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The sector is devoted to researching and maintaining acoustics and ultrasonic calibration services. It actively participates in the work of international standards committees IEC TC 29 "Electroacoustics", IEC TC-87 "Ultrasonics", and national CEI CT 29/87 "Electroacoustics and Ultrasonics".

Furthermore, through targeted research activities, it develops technologies and measurement methods in acoustics, reaching a level of technological maturity of the products manufactured equal to validation in the environment in which it operates. 

As for activities in the acoustics field, maintaining the service concerning the offer, organisation, and technical-scientific evaluation of interlaboratory measurement comparisons (ILC) in the acoustic area is strategic to support accredited industrial laboratories and the accreditation process.

The sector collaborates on an ongoing basis with ACCREDIA - the Italian Accreditation Body - by providing its technical experts for the examination and/or evaluation of procedures and technical documentation and the performance of inspections at accredited calibration and testing laboratories.


Giovanni Durando