PLANCKS 2023 – The International Physics Olympiad Finals


PLANCKS 2023, the finals of the International Physics Olympiad, will take place in Milan from May 12 to 16 and will see 250 physics students come together for one of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS) most important events.

Organised by the Italian Section of IAPS, PLANCKS brings together the best Physics students from around the world who will compete in solving problems in the many fields of Physics.

In addition to the competition, seminars, presentations, guest lectures, and lab visits will be held during PLANCKS. The event, hosted at various locations, including the 'Aldo Pontremoli' Physics Department of the Università Statale di Milano, offers students the opportunity to make new personal and academic contacts, discover the frontiers of scientific research, and create a networked community.

Saturday May 13, the scientists Alessandro Curioni, Paolo Milani and Federico Faggin, in the conference open to the public, OPEN PLANCKS, will illustrate how physics influences our daily life and how quantum mechanics can explain human consciousness.