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European Network for Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology (EMN Mathmet) publishes its Strategic Research Agenda 2023-2033
An article by researchers from INRiM and Politecnico di Torino illustrates the innovative approach for calibrating large batches of MEMS sensors
A paper published by INRiM researcher's reports stories and facts about this worldwide cooperation between Metrology and Meteorology
An article published on PRL investigates the INRiM’s work of a mesoscopic melting transition happening in 2D trapped ion crystals.
An article published on Nature Communications shows the discovery of researchers from INRiM and Politecnico di Torino in the field of artificial intelligence
A consortium of companies, research institutions, and universities has been selected by the European Union to design and implement the quantum communication network in Italy
INRiM is a sponsor of the event organised by the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS), known as the International Physics Olympiad
The webinar on the EMPIR - SAFEST project will be held on February 20th 2023, at 10:00. Participation is open to all