INRiM contributes to standardization of Quantum Technologies


In a new paper recently published on EPJ Quantum Technologies, INRiM researchers together with a diversified panel composed of academia, metrology institutes, normative bodies and industry representatives from all Europe, present the European coordinated effort to promote the standardization of quantum technologies.

This task will lead to the publication in 2023 of a comprehensive roadmap developed by CEN-CENELEC (the European Committee for Electrotechnic Standardization) Focus Group on Quantum Technology (FGQT), created in June 2020.

The Second Quantum Revolution facilitates the engineering of new classes of sensors, communication technologies, and computers with unprecedented capabilities. Supply chains for quantum technologies are emerging, some focussed on commercially available components for research infrastructures, others with already higher TRLs, near to the market.

In 2018, the European Commission has launched its large-scale and long-term Quantum Flagship research initiative to support and foster the creation and development of a competitive European quantum technologies industry, as well as the consolidation and expansion of leadership and excellence in European research in those technologies. One of the measures to achieve an accelerated development and uptake has been identified by the Quantum Flagship in its Strategic Research Agenda: the promotion of coordinated, dedicated standardisation and certification efforts. Standardisation is indeed of paramount importance to facilitate the growth of new technologies, and the development of efficient supply chains.

This article presents insights on standardisation for quantum technologies from the perspective of the CEN-CENELEC FGQT to coordinate and support the development of standards relevant for European industry and research.

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