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Banner Portale INRiM_CERN Seminar_25.03.2024
Seminar with Dr. Giovanni Anelli and Dr. Amanda Díez Fernández – CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group
European Researcher's Night 2023
dal 29/09/2023 al 30/09/2023
Two days of experiments, science cafes and games for European Researcher's Night. Check out the INRiM program
Seminario tecnico Maxime Malnou ENG
Technical seminar with Dr. Maxime Malnou - Advanced Microwave Photonics, NIST
MINKE Workshop_INRiM
dal 25/09/2023 al 27/09/2023
The workshop, organized through the MINKE project, is aimed at students, career scientists and technical personnel for marine sciences
Technical seminar with Gianvito Lucivero
Technical seminar with Dr. Gianvito Lucivero - University of Bari Aldo Moro / ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences
INRiM Seminars_Event
Appointment with Matthew Taylor Hummon – Time & Frequency Division, NIST