Quantum Radar Project – Kick-off meeting


The kick-off meeting of the “Quantum Radar” project will be held on Monday 4th July, from 11:00 to 17:00, at INRiM, in Strada delle Cacce 91, Turin. 

The project aims to investigate new quantum techniques based on quantum states of microwave radiation (1-10 GHz band), in particular, "entangled" "twin" beams, for the realization of a "Quantum Radar" prototype with increased precision (an increase of the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)) of the interferometric measurements, indispensable in detecting the position of non-cooperating targets, and reduction of the destructive effects due to environmental noise.

Project Objectives
  • Optimization and design of the quantum illumination protocol under realistic experimental conditions.
  • Experimental realization of quantum radar based on microwave quantum illumination, with an ultracryogenic superconducting parametric source.
  • First experiments for the detection of very low reflection targets.
  • Verification and validation of the protocol in terms of receiver operating characteristics (ROC).
Tipo di evento
KO Meeting Quantum Radar