Quantum cryptography

Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a strategic technology that allows two distant parties to share encryption keys with an unprecedented level of security based on the laws of quantum mechanics. Although QKD protocols can be proven unconditionally secure in theory, in practice any deviations of the real system from the idealized model could introduce vulnerabilities.

Our group develops characterization methods and protocols for the measurement of the key parameters of commercial QKD devices, testing both active QKD components and assembled QKD modules. Furthermore, we test innovative QKD protocols and develop countermeasures against attacks on QKD systems.

Moreover, QKD technology is currently the subject of standardization efforts at the European and at international level and our group makes its expertise available to all those organizations addressing standardization issues in QKD and quantum technology in general.

For more information visit: https://quantum-optics.inrim.it/research/quantum-cryptography