Quantum Optics
gruppo di lavoro Quantum Optics

Quantum Optics scientific sector at INRIM aims at studying quantum states of light both for fundamental research and development of new techniques which offer the possibility of going beyond the classical limits of measurement. These researches also pave the way for accurate methods for metrological characterization of laser sources and detectors used in the emerging quantum technologies.

This research activity was born in the late 90’s in the “C. Novero” laboratory in the former metrology institute “Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale ‘Galileo Ferraris’” and it is now involved in the most advanced research fields related to quantum optics as:

  • development of new measurement paradigms for quantum;
  • implementation of quantum imaging and sensing protocols in order to overcome the accuracy and resolution limits imposed by classical sources and protocols of quantum enhanced interferometry.
  • deterministic single photon sources and quantum sensing protocols based on color centers in diamonds;
  • quantum communication, including the development of the necessary facilities to characterize quantum cryptography systems;
  • research for the standardization of photonic components for quantum technologies;
  • research on foundations of quantum mechanics.