Neutron activation analysis and radiochemistry Laboratories
Laboratorio di radiochimica e spettroscopia Pavia

In the neutron activation analysis and radiochemistry laboratories, analytical methods based on neutron activation are developed and applied to determine the mass fraction of over sixty elements of the periodic table with detection limits up to 10-12 g / g. They are located within the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pavia, near LENA (Applied Nuclear Energy Laboratory).

In addition to the common equipment in an analytical chemistry laboratory, three measurement chains are available for gamma spectrometry. Two of them are equipped with an automatic sample replacement system.

Several kinds of matrices are analyzed, such as food, biological and environmental samples, soils and materials in general.

Neutron irradiations are carried out in the Triga Mark II nuclear research reactor of the University of Pavia at LENA.

The laboratory also offers services supported by CMC (Calibration and Measurement Capabilities) included in the BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures) database. All measurements are, however, traceable to the SI.