Soft magnetic materials
Magnetizzatorre ad alta frequenza

Soft magnetic materials are universally used in generating, transmitting and converting electrical energy. Consequently, they constitute a constantly growing market nowadays in the range of € 20×109. The laboratory conducts research and performs measurements on all types of soft magnetic materials, industrial and experimental, available today, in a frequency range from DC to GHz.

Special attention is paid to the characterisation and theoretical modelling of the magnetisation process, ferromagnetic hysteresis, and energy loss. In addition to the traditional characterisation in the sinusoidal magnetisation regime, the laboratory can perform measurements in complex alternating regimes (distorted, trapezoidal, symmetrical triangular and asymmetrical magnetic induction) and two-dimensional induction regimes (rotating, elliptical, generic two-dimensional flux). A flexible set of measurement systems has been developed for this experimental work, through which, in addition to the wide range of waveforms and frequency bandwidths, magnetisation levels in materials in the range between J = 1 mT and the saturated state (Js = 2. 35 T in the Fe50Co50 alloy) can be covered.

Advanced modelling of scalar and vector magnetisation processes and ferromagnetic hysteresis, indispensable for progress in the preparation of materials and their energy-efficient use, is conducted with a focus on energy loss. In this area, the laboratory has a pre-eminent position in the international scientific context. Moreover, the results obtained enable immediate technological spin-offs, mainly in the field of electromagnetic devices, in the design of electric motors, particularly for hybrid drive vehicles, and in transformers.


Carlo Appino