Coordinate metrology laboratory
Lab. CMM 1

The laboratory of coordinate metrology is able to do coordinate measurements in the range (1.2 × 1.0 × 0.7) m³ with a resolution of 50 nm, both in discrete probing and scanning modes. As coordinate measurements are versatile by their very nature, each needs a specific approach as to fixturing, probe system configuration, measurement strategy, metrological traceability, part programme, data reduction and uncertainty evaluation. The laboratory is equipped to deal with a variety of operative cases. The available CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) can be equipped with interferometers to improve the measurement resolution and accuracy.

The achievable uncertainty cannot be predicted in general because it fully depends on the measurand type and the geometrical quality of the standard or workpiece under measurement. Evaluating the task‑specific uncertainty is an essential and valuable part of the measurement.



Alessandro Balsamo