Electrical and electronic measurements
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The Electrical and electronic measurements sector of the Applied Metrology and Engineering Division operates transversely in INRIM providing all the necessary support for the measurement of electrical quantities in DC and AC at low frequency. The ability to easily convert any physical quantity into an electrical one, which can be measured easily and accurately with multifunction instrumentation, makes the activity of this sector pervasive and fundamental in many fields. Industry, medicine and health, environment, automotive, defense and space are the sectors for which almost 80 accredited Italian calibration centers (LAT) operate every day, and many other industrial realities that draw on both metrological traceability through calibration of instruments and samples, and the guarantee of the conformity of the products to the regulations through the activities of characterization and tests. Electrical measuring instruments populate the largest industrial realities as well as the smallest laboratories in our territory in an important way, creating a link with the INRIM electrical and electronic measurement sector which disseminates, through calibrations and tests, the 5 electrical quantities voltage and current (ac and dc) and resistance while also offering services of characterization and development of instrumentation. The sector is also active both in research and development of systems, tools and technologies in concert with Italian and foreign realities, and in the didactic field, organizing technical courses in the field of primary electrical metrology, in the regulatory field and in analysis and calculation. uncertainties in industrial measurements.