EMPIR Joint Research Project "SIQUST" Progress Meeting

da 05/02/2019 a 06/02/2019
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The 9-Month Meeting of the EMPIR SIQUST Joint Research Project will be hosted by INRIM from February 5 to February 6, 2019.

SIQUST (Single-photon sources as new quantum standards)

This project is carrying out the fundamental work needed to develop a new quantum standard, assessing and establishing new materials and designs for single-photon sources.
It is also developing essential elements of supporting measurement infrastructure, such as amplifiers and detectors.

By providing access to better single-photon sources, this project will catalyse future innovation in the field of optical quantum technology, and could contribute towards the realisation of a quantum definition of the luminous intensity SI base unit, the candela.

Visit the Project webpage on EURAMET website
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