The development of the quantum device research at NIM

dott.ssa Jinjin Li


Sala Seminari, edificio D, piano 1

ore 15.00


Il seminario si concentrerà sulla ricerca del NIM in metrologia elettrica sui dispositivi quantistici.



Dott.ssa Jinjin Li

NIM - National Institute of Metrology of China 



This talk will introduce NIM’s quantum device research for the electrical metrological standards. Three type of devices are focused on: the Josephson array devices for the quantum voltage standards, quantum Hall device for the quantum resistance standards, and the sensor device for the microwave power standards.


Jinjin Li is the head of the quantum device lab of NIM (National Institute of Metrology of China). She got her BS and MS degree from Tsinghua University (China) and PhD degree from University of Maryland College Park (US). Her main research is on the devices for the metrological standards, such as Josephson junction device, quantum Hall device, and TES device. She is committee member of Chinese Superconducting Standard Committee, Chinese superconducting electronics Sub-Committee, Chinese quantum sensor Sub-Committee. She is currently the board member of Journal of “Measurement Science and Technology”.

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