Continuous Variable QKD: Concept and its limitations

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Torino, INRIM
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Andreas Poppe
HUAWEI Technologies​​​​ Duesseldorf GmbH



After comparing CV-QKD with “usual” QKD with single photon detectors, I will present some advantages including the motivation of Huawei to go into this direction. The similarities to coherent communication system could lead to CV-QKD system with mostly standard telecom components included.

Unfortunately different limitations are waiting to be overcome, also being addressed in my talk. I will show some latest measurements and discuss some results.


Nota biografica

Dr. Andreas Poppe heads the experimental developments towards quantum technologies done at Huawei in Europe. He has 20 years of experience in experimental work in the field of nonlinear and quantum optics.

Scientifically, his main achievements are the first demonstrations of sub-10-fs laser pulses with stabilized carrier-envelope phase ever and the first QKD-secured bank wire transfer.

From 2003 to 2015 he has been working in the field of quantum optics with entangled photons, first at the University of Vienna, than at Austrian Institute of Technology, where he participated at the SECOQC project and organized the SECOQC conference in 2008.

After that his main focus was to commercialize quantum products and enable quantum signal to be transmitted on the same fiber co-propagating with communication channels.

Now he continues this work at Huawei to integrate CV-QKD in commercial telecom infrastructure. His 50 publications have been cited roughly 4000 times.


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