INRIM maintains services for light measurement in such a way to take into account human visual sensitivity.
Photometry measures light where human eyes are sensitive, in the visible spectral region from 360 nm to 830 nm.
Photometry is essential for characterisation of light sources used for lighting, signaling, displays, and other applications where light is intended to be seen by humans.

Luminous intensity and Illuminance
INRIM performs luminous intensity calibrations of tungsten lamps from 1 cd up to 4000 cd and Illuminance meter (luxmeter) calibration in the range 5 lx to 5000 lx.
Measurements are performed in a 4 m optical bench facility with a set of reference photometers and standard lamps.

Luminance and Luminance meter
INRIM performs luminance sources (integrating sphere) and luminance meter calibration in the range of 1 cd/m2 up to 1000 cd/m2.