Classical and quantum photometry

 Our visual system provides hundreds of millions of photoreceptors, divided into two families of photosensitive cells, cones and rods, which extend the sensitivity of the eye to a wide range of luminance values (from 10^5 cd m-2 down to single photon. ).

The radiometric and photometric quantities are well defined for high luminous fluxes, while the results obtained with few or single photons are recent. The recent development of low or single photon measurement techniques has paved the way for the investigation of the fundamental limit of sensitivity of the retina

The sector carries out activities related to the development of innovative techniques for the measurement of the eye response for photometric applications, in particular by combining ghost imaging and plenoptic imaging techniques, useful for the absolute characterization of the spatial response of the retina and in view of improvement. the accuracy of non-invasive diagnostic techniques.