Photometry and radiometry

The accurate characterization of photonic instrumentation is essential in many fields, such as optical communications, environmental monitoring, and the study and characterization of new optical materials.

The Photometry and Radiometry sector manages the realization and maintenance of the basic unit, the Candela (cd), and the related quantities. It carries out innovative research to improve the standard by applying the quantum technologies of single photon detection.

Optical radiation measurement faces new challenges in response to technological, scientific, environmental and economic developments.

LED and OLED light sources have replaced incandescent lamps; therefore, the incandescent reference lamps must be gradually replaced with suitable LED sources. Although LED light sources have better efficiency, the spectral and electrical characteristics require substantially revising the measurement methodology.

 A strategic objective will also be the realization of the photometric unit starting from the radiometric units according to an appropriate physiological model of the human eye response.

Finally, quantum optical technologies represent a substantial scientific and technological advancement and pose a new challenge to the traceability chain between classical radiometric measurements and photon counting measurements.