INRiM actively participates in Mission 4: Education and research, Component 2: From research to business, Investment 3.1, which aims to promote innovation and the diffusion of technologies, to strengthen skills and to facilitate the transition towards a circular economy, also through interventions aimed at the creation or strengthening of Research Infrastructures.

For this reason, INRiM takes part in the METROFOOD-IT project (Strengthening of the Italian Research Infrastructure for Metrology and Open AccessData in support to the Agrifood) which aims to strengthen Italian scientific excellence in food safety through the development of platforms and services for the quality, authenticity and traceability of raw materials and products and for the digitization of the sector.

The project, coordinated by ENEA and financed by PNRR, sees the participation of INRiM, Università di Napoli Federico II, Università di Parma, Università di Siena, Università Sapienza di Roma, Università di Bari e Università del Molise.

METROFOOD-IT will act as an interface between research and innovation, industrial actors and consumers, defining and testing processes and scenarios for the development of sustainable and innovative agri-food systems, while applying a "multi-actor" approach and implementing Living Labs they will promote direct and motivated involvement among the various stakeholders on objectives, activities, results and impacts.

The project is part of the METROFOOD-RI European Research Infrastructure METROFOOD-RI coordinated by ENEA and included in the ESFRI Roadmap (European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures) for the Health and Food domain.

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