Ciclo Seminari INRiM – Stagione II


INRiM apre il “Ciclo Seminari INRiM”, una serie di conferenze tenute da personale INRiM e da relatrici e relatori provenienti da Istituti esterni, promossa con lo scopo di favorire scambio di conoscenze, sinergie e collaborazioni di carattere scientifico.

I seminari, di cadenza bisettimanale, si terranno in modalità virtuale il Lunedì dalle 14:00 alle 15:00.

La partecipazione è gratuita e aperta a tutte/i. Di seguito il calendario dei seminari. 

05 DICEMBRE 2022 I Ore 14:00 - 15:00

“Thermodynamics of Precision in quantum thermal machines: theory and experiment”


Giacomo Guarnieri (Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems, Freie Universität Berlin)


Understanding and controlling microscopic quantum devices represents a major milestone. Their precision is related to the fluctuations of their measurable output, an aspect that becomes preponderant at the nano-scale. Achieving a regime where the machine operates at a given reliability/precision inevitably comes at a cost in terms of thermodynamic resources, such as dissipated heat or excess work, thus massively impacting the machines’ performances.

Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relations (TURs) have represented a landmark first step in understanding this balance, as they express a trade-off between precision, defined as the noise-to-signal ratio of a generic current, and the amount of associated entropy production. These results have deep consequences for quantum thermal machines, imposing an upper bound for their efficiency in terms of the power yield and its fluctuations. Such engines can be divided into two classes: steady-state heat engines and periodically driven heat engines. In this talk I will present and discuss the derivation of genuinely quantum corrections to TURs in both cases, which were obtained by combining techniques from quantum information theory and thermodynamics of geometry. Finally, I will report on an experimental measurement of such quantum correction in a trapped-ion experiment.

Per assistere al seminario:


28 NOVEMBRE 2022

“Step-change in radiometry provided by improved predictable quantum efficient detectors”

Incontro con Jarle Gran I Justervesenet - Norwegian Metrology Institute, Kjeller, Norway


14 NOVEMBRE 2022

"Advanced bioengineering methods for direct cell reprogramming in myocardial regeneration"

Incontro con Camilla Paoletti I Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Torino


24 OTTOBRE 2022

“The interaction of light with matter (and viceversa)”

Incontro con Gianni Jacucci I Kastler-Brossel Laboratory - ENS, Sorbonne U., CNRS, Collège de France



“Magnetic Techniques for Rapid Diagnostic Testing for Health Care and Environmental Monitoring”

Incontro con Montserrat Rivas I Universidad de Oviedo

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